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Smart ways to lose your weight!

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Nowadays a major issue regarding health is overweight and obesity. I always ask my friends “How to reduce weight?” One of my friends was overweight and reduced her weight magically within short time. I ask her about that magic, she reveals her magic. “Metabolism my friend Metabolism” If you really want to stay HEALTHY then understand metabolism first. You know there are so many resources that guide you to lose your weight but are they really fruitful?  After doing so many exercise and yoga if you are not losing your weight, you should make it smartly.

One day I went to restaurant with my friend she ordered so many dishes and she ate a lot. I was just stunned she ate more than me and thinner more than me. How? How? How? You will get the answer after reading this article.

Why are we overweight? What is main source of fat? Only one answer to your questions is food we take in. Suppose one day you over fuel your car, extra petrol will be wasted outside. In our body there is no any outlet to throw extra calories out of our body. Our body utilizes energy in breathing, walking, exercising, dancing, cycling and so many activities. Overweight is a result of taking more calories than utilization. Our body cells need energy to work round a clock even when we are sleeping. Metabolism is referred as such biochemical processes to maintain vital condition to live. Calories act as a fuel for our body cells to do biochemical processes. Utilized calories store in our body as fat.

What is the role of metabolism to control weight?

Metabolism converts calories in to energy that is utilized in biochemical processes of body. You can control your weight in two ways

  1. Exercise more to utilize more energy to burn and stay healthy. By choosing this option you have to gym hard daily. You have to grab time from your busy schedule to exercise. You definitely know that it is not easy at all. I want to draw your attention that weight is under control as long as you exercise than you know the rest.
  2. Control your metabolism so that more calories convert in to energy. I find this option better because by improving metabolism your overall health will improve. No longer to gym hard.

Smart people always choose smart ways to do anything.

To improve metabolism you should understand the factors affecting your metabolism. Here are some factors


Be healthy

  • Food intake: Sometimes you intake more calories than daily requirement of your body. Extra calories cause fat resulting overweight.
  • Hormones: Hormones can increase or decrease metabolism. Thyroid gland secrets hormones to convert glucose into energy.
  • Pregnancy: Woman faces hormonal changes during pregnancy.
  • Gender: Metabolism is slow in female compared to male
  • Age: Metabolism is slow as per our age.
  • Daily activities: If daily activities are sufficient to burn calories than it is the best condition of your health.
  • Sleep: Sleeping healthy can increase your metabolism
  • Junk food: Avoid junk food.
  • Timings of meal: You should not suffer from hunger in any way. Eat at proper time.Make a schedule and strictly follow it.
  • Stress: Don’t stress too much
  • More outings: Outings disturbs daily routines.

Be smart. Only exercise will not work the best to reduce weight. Combine exercise with diet according to your metabolism to get smart results. To get more information, stay in touch with us. In next blogs you can get more healthy tips.

Love is the tool that beautifies you!

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I will not tell you what love is because love can’t be explained or defined any particulars. Before four years I was very irritated with my whole day long work, something was missing in my life. Then I decided to change my lifestyle. I improve. Everything is in vain until you fill happy for yourself. I was finding my happiness outside but in the end I realize the fact that happiness lies within me.

Nowadays people want to be succeeded, they want luxurious life but they forget their own existence in the life. According to me if you don’t care and love you, you can’t fulfill your desires.

Everything starts within your own mind and it reflects your personality and your presence. Start loving you from this moment to be what you want. Life will give you amazing surprises.

  • First live for yourself
  • Do things differently as you like to do
  • Keep yourself healthy
  • Be straightforward
  • Dream realistically
  • Spend quality time with yourself
  • Be your own mentor
  • Treat yourself like your best friend forever

According to law of attraction, if you love you then all the positive things will be attracted towards you. I know it is somehow silly but trust me it will definitely work.

National Eat Beans Day

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National eat beans day

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”

National eat beans day is celebrated worldwide on 3rd of July every year. According to my research, I could not find any story or reason behind this day. I want to celebrate this day every year by eating beans because it is a healthy day. Beans are high in fiber, antioxidants, protein, iron, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc, and copper.

A healthy mind is the great unit of creativity that gives strength to your body to work beyond your imagination. I want to share the importance of beans on this healthy day. There 40,000 varieties of beans worldwide. Only some varieties are eaten. Beans (Legumes) are the major sources of protein. Protein is required for growth of our body, to have healthy skin and hair. It also affects our metabolism system. An adult should eat three bowls of beans every week. According to my research black bean, soya bean, lentil, kidney beans, navy beans, peas, chickpeas and pinto beans are mostly eaten. Some advantages of the bean are….

  • Reach in protein and fiber
  • It is low-calorie food
  • Cheapest and easily available
  • Easy to cook in hundreds of varieties
  • Reduces weight
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces risk of cancer and diabetes

Celebrate this dCelebrate this day with healthy recipes of beans. A step towards your health can help you to go beyond. Stay healthy and be happy.


Amit Agrawal- The first professional blogger of India


We all are working. Some do job some does business. There are so sources of income but the question is “Are you enjoying your work? Is your work your passion, your inner voice?” I will introduce you to the great personality who chooses his passion as his work and gets success.
Mr. Amit Agrawal is known as the first professional blogger of India. He was working in software development field. His work was noticed by all his colleagues. After that, he started taking interest in management side. He learned to deal with clients there.
Birth Date: 15th of March, 1976
Birthplace: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India
Age: 37 Years
Education: Engineering in computer science from I.I.T
First job: Joined ADP in Hyderabad in 1990
First blog: Labnol in 2004
First post: Review of app
Interest: To provide software and application solution
Passion: To create stuff
Book: The Most Useful Websites
Popular Blog: Digital Inspiration, a technology blog having 130+ million blogs and won “Best Technology Blog” award at Indibloggies.
He is a person with versatile talent. He is not just a technology person or writer but also a speaker. He gives inspiration to young bloggers. For more information stay connected.

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Some Facts about social media

Happy Social Media Day!

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Happy Social Media Day

Today is the Social Media Day. When I was in college, I had so many friends. After my college, I had no connection to them. One day one of my friends introduced me to Social Media through which I met all my old friends. I want to thanks social media to give such wonderful moment. Actually social media has started very earlier. On this special day, I want to share some facts with you.

  • Communication with friends and family members becomes easy by the discovery of telephone in 1890 and radio in 1891.
  • In 20th century technology has changed rapidly to introduce the world to the internet, the biggest computer network.
  • Six Degrees, was the first recognizable site in 1997 that allowed users to upload profiles and to connect with friends and other users.
  • The first blog was created in 1994 by a Swarthmore college student, Justin Hall. It was not actually a blog but he started to write online. A Blog is the modified version of his site links.net
  • Word press was launched on 27 May 2003 with eye-catching templates and wonderful admin interface.
  • In 2004, Steve Garfield decided to create more attractive blogs with videos and short clips.
  • Garrett Graff was the first blogger, granted press pass for the White House.
  • Facebook and Twitter are availed to users by 2006 and still popular today.

I hope you find this information very useful. Stay in touch with us for further information. Share your views in comments.

Are you worried about your child’s health?

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A wonderful gift from God……..

Whenever an adult gets any health issue, he or she can explain it well to elders as well as doctors. But sometimes your child is having any problem, you are very worried. You have so many questions in your mind. What happened? What is the problem? What should I do now? So many questions……….

At this time you need a person to help your child to get rid of pain and suffering. This person is a pediatrician-The doctor for children. Choose the right pediatric for infants and toddlers…

Pediatric is the medical branch that cures the children of any disease. Lotus Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology and having best pediatricians. Pediatrics is not just about the illness of child but it also concerns with development and growth of childlike.

• Mental growth
• Delay of physical growth
• Behavioral problems
• Social stress
• Depression
• Routine screening tests for the newborn
• Vaccinations
• Thorough physical check up
• Specialty care for the infant

Pediatric collaborates with other specialists. A pediatrician is connected with other specialists to provide better treatment for the child because the child may have any kind of problem.